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Military-Grade cyberdefense for growing organizations of any size
Stop threats – for a monthly, per-user rate

Stop threats before they enter your network

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Affordable, Superior Cyberdefense and Threat Protection

Military-Grade Technology

Multi-Layered & Overlapping

Born from a need to satisfy the rigorous security demands of the Department of Defense, Haven is a multi-layered, overlapping, and deeply integrated technology stack to defend from cyber attacks.

Active Threat Defense

24/7 Human Expertise

Haven’s cybersecurity operators and analysts continually watch and fortify the wall around your digital assets. The cyberdefense team monitors, detects, and stops threats 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Affordable Subscription
Monthly Per User

Our affordable monthly subscription plan provides military-grade cybersecurity and cyberdefense, with no upfront costs or capital expense. All plans are maintained and updated continually to meet the ever-changing landscape of threat defense technology.

Haven is a multi-layered, Deeply Integrated Security System

500,000 New Cybersecurity Threats Every Day
Network Defended
Defend your network with an advanced next generation firewall and automated malware analysis system to identify and prevent attacks.
Vulnerabilities Identified
Routinely scan your network and systems to identify and fix potential security gaps.
Malicious Emails Blocked
Shut out malware and phishing emails before they enter the inbox.
Employees Trained
Teach users to identify phishing to avoid inadvertently allowing in malware or providing sensitive information.
Endpoints Armed
Protect your computers and servers with artificial intelligence technology for 99%+ malware prevention.
Threats Investigated and Eradicated
4 teams protecting you 24/7/365 to stop threats before they can cause damage.

Haven Executive Summary

Haven Defends Your Organization

So you can focus on your business

Timing is crucial when a potential cybersecurity threat is detected. Our cybersecurity information and event management systems alert our U.S.-based cybersecurity operations center team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

These events trigger actual human investigations so cyber attack threats can be shut down before causing havoc to your organization.


Evolving Threats

Require evolving technologies and human intervention - Haven is on the forefront of both.

Born from a need to satisfy the rigorous demands of the Department of Defense, Haven gives your organization multi-layer and overlapping technology stack. When we find a more advanced tool, we add it to the platform at no cost to you.

Your environment is monitored and managed by a 24/7 cybersecurity analyst team, watching hundreds of client networks and many thousands of endpoints. Our platform rapidly adapts to both changes in your organization and the threat landscape.

Haven by Corvid Cyberdefense Partners

Haven is recommended by some of the most respected organizations in the industry.

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