5 Things Putting Manufacturers at Cyber Risk

Corvid Cyberdefense is a complete cyber solution, built on the NIST-171 framework. We are also a CMMC Registered Provider Organization. Our step-by-step solution will help your organization achieve the necessary cyber framework needed to strengthen your business.

In the 2022 cyber landscape, most manufacturers are looking to build out their cyber framework to protect themselves while also achieving key compliance measures, not only from their insurance carriers, but also any outside third parties they may do business with.

These are the steps that we recommend they prioritize:

  1. Change Endpoint Antivirus (AV) to a next generation Endpoint, Detect and Response (EDR) agent. This will ensure that all malicious events are captured and if configured correctly stopped.
  2. Conduct a security review of the technical infrastructure supporting the organization to identify any vulnerabilities to assist in prioritizing IT Projects to eliminate opportunities.
  3. Establish training and awareness mechanisms to bring the organization up to date on threats targeting organizations, in doing so this will reduce the successful opportunity seen but also when they occur if trained correctly end users report.
  4. Establish an understanding of the landscape of the organization from an internet facing perspective (Email accounts, File sharing accounts, CRM’s, SaaS etc) and establish access control mechanisms such as complex passwords and Multifactor authentication.
  5. Ensure that perimeter-based network firewalls are correctly configured and managed to enable a protection first approach to network traffic while working in support of organization operational tempo.
  6. Monitor all security systems. This can be achieved by sending security logs to a SIEM but would also need security focused people to research and respond accordingly. Best and easiest achieved via a Managed Service Security Provider.

Traditionally security threats were very easily detected and prevented with plug and play security tools, unfortunately today with everything being more interconnected and continuously challenged the mechanisms to protect yourself need to be more sophisticated which means leveraging services with tools vs attempting to build them yourself.

This obviously comes at a cost which needs to be weighed against if we don’t employ a service what are the operational cost for one to five days downtime whilst the company recovers from an attack, what is the cost associated with rebuilding, what is the reputational damage and potentially what are the costs associated with fines from regulations.

Corvid Cyberdefense is a partnership you can establish today to enable transfer of responsibility and potential cost associated with security technology and inherit our years of experience when it comes to building out a framework of protection, detection and response.

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