Our military-grade cybersecurity service was created out of necessity.

As a company that performs complex engineering design and manufacturing for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), we are required to demonstrate that we have rigorous cyber defense capabilities in place to protect sensitive U.S. military information.

We discovered that finding an external provider for this level of security was challenging. To put together a comprehensive solution would require us to work with various providers whose technologies weren’t integrated and data was either not monitored or monitoring was outsourced overseas. Not an option.

So we decided to build it ourselves.

We created a world-class cybersecurity division with a U.S.-based security operations center (SOC) and staffed it with the most qualified security analysts in the industry.

For the first time in history, small businesses are fighting the same enemies as the military. In this growingly active and advanced cyber threat environment, this high level of security is needed for all organizations, not just companies that work with the DoD. And even for well-defended organizations, it only takes one organization in the supply chain to open the door for an attack.

We now offer this military-grade level of security to all businesses at a reasonable, per user, monthly service price that is easily budgeted and requires no capital investment.

Today we are an award-winning IT security company assisting clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 100, offering advisory and managed cybersecurity solutions.

Our 3 Core Beliefs


Cybersecurity should be a top priority for every organization.


An affordable and effective cybersecurity solution should be available to all organizations, regardless of size.


Security should be a strategic enabler for a business.