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  • Law Firms
  • MSP’s
  • Accountants
  • IT Consultants
  • Financial Planners
  • Insurance Firms

If you lie within the Professional Services sector, you are amongst an eclectic mix of members.  Each member has a very unique footprint with regards to their attack surface.  However, the commonality lies within the fact that their infrastructure is highly reliant on the internet which innately has risk.  Both System Intrusion and Social Engineering patterns are responsible for the majority of cyber attacks in this sector.

Powerful tools are used by these actors to gain access to their targets.  They have the ability to use stolen credentials and prey off a company’s employees who are constantly falling for social tactics.  Security awareness and skills training along with secure configuration of assets and software are two of the top actions recommended for companies to take in order to minimize the vulnerabilities within this sector of professionals.  

Haven provides military-grade Cybersecurity as a Service for growing organizations of all sizes that want superior protection against a constantly changing threat landscape.

 Haven defends your organization so you can focus on your business


System Intrusion (1,318)
Social Engineering (229)
Basic Web Application Attacks (114)
Everything Else (87)
Privilege Misuse (68)

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