For on-premise network security appliance installations, we will do our best to limit the amount of time the network is down. Depending on the type of installation, downtime can be anywhere between 2 minutes to 2 hours. We can also schedule installation timing to happen when this will cause the least disruption to your organization.

Corvid Cyberdefense engineers will have access to your network in order to manage and maintain it. We are happy to provide you with more information as requested.

Depending on location, our network security engineer can either be on site or connect through phone or video conference to walk you through each step and ensure the installation goes smoothly with as little downtime as possible.

Your time will be required at touch points throughout the onboarding process, and typically be about 5 hours over the 30-day deployment timeframe.

Yes, we will ask for a list of those who require access to the ticketing portal during the onboarding process. It is best to limit access to as few as possible in order to limit the individuals who have access to make changes to your organization’s security configurations.

If your Haven service agreement includes Cylance endpoint protection, it can replace your current AV. However, please do not uninstall your current AV until Cylance is installed, including a series of follow up reviews, which take approximately 7-14 days. This will allow various policy rules and exclusions to be created based on your goals and the specifics of your IT environment.

Monthly Training Videos
Employees will receive an email with a link to access training videos that were created to be short, entertaining, and educational. A few start-up episodes were selected that teach about core threats like phishing, ransomware, and password security. Episodes are 3-4 minutes in length and they teach a lesson on one specific security threat using a real-life security breach as the story line. Every month, users will receive an email to let them know that a new video episode is available.

Monthly Simulated Phishing Campaigns
Because so many data breaches originate from a phishing email, we’ll be sending occasional simulated spoofed (fake) emails designed to test employee awareness of a true phishing email. These spoofed emails will not reveal any sensitive information, but will provide an idea of where improves in employee training are needed. When a user clicks within a simulated phishing email, that person will be automatically prompted to watch a video on the subject of identifying a phishing email. As our main POC (point-of-contact) you will receive by-user participation and performance reports.

The report of actual and potential threats found is sent to the client that includes our recommendations. Actual threats will be quarantined. We ask the client to confirm the category for items that are a potential risk for the organization. If they are necessary to the organization, they can be waived/safelisted, if not, it is often recommended that they are quarantined.

  • Each security technology within the Haven solution comes with “out of the box” security controls built in. These controls are used to minimize high confidence impacting events such as Malware, command and control (C2), phishing, and pornography among others.
  • Although each environment is different, and the Corvid Cyberdefense Implementation team takes into account the customization needed for each environment, the out of the box controls are designed not to impact the organization.
  1. Corvid Cyberdefense will assign a Deployment Success Manager to manage the implementation. The Deployment Success Manager will then establish communications with your team to ensure schedules align.
  2. A Subject Matter Expert will be assigned from Corvid for each security technology sold. The Subject Matter Experts will then start to gather necessary information to stage the baseline of each technology in support of deployment.
  3. When ready and change windows are in place, the CCD rep will work with your team to deploy the security control in a manner that is least impacting to the organization. This creates space that allows continual improvements to be made to each client’s dynamic IT environment.
  4. Once fully completed, your team will be introduced to the security operations team, who who will be supporting your organization going forward.

Due to the high cost associated with physical hardware and the lack of cost effective high grade solutions, Corvid Cyberdefense have built an in house 1U solution that allows us to virtually host some of the most advanced security technology needed to protect the core of your organization. Not only does this make our solution cost effective, it also increases the shelf life and also allows an adaptive approach to technology if we need to change from a provider due to new security threats without additional costs or change windows.

Although Corvid Cyberdefense has established an excellent understanding of how security technology should be deployed, we understand that every business is different, which necessitates a customized approach to each environment in order to prevent falsely blocking legitimate traffic.

  • AQT – Auto quarantine of Threats
  • MPB – Memory Protection Block
  • SCB – Script Control Block

The goal is not to impact the end users. This is accomplished by providing communication templates, which are used to bring all end users within the organization up to speed on the technologies and controls being deployed.